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Early November 1910 (Turn 21)

Recently re-elected President Porfirio Diaz has struck a deal with General Emiliano Zapata to remain president of Mexico for a full term. Zapata is reportedly going to be named to the newly created post of Vice President. The deal comes after the crackup of the southern electoral coalition, which had previously propped up Diaz for most of 1910.

The deal was possible, in part, because of the retirement of two of Diaz's potential rivals: Generals Venustiano Carranza and Eulalio Gutierrez. Shortly after the election, an election which saw Gutierrez defeated by a wider than expected margin, both announced they were leaving politics. Gutierrez gave a speech at the Palacio Nacional saying, "In the wake of the recent elections, I am bowing out of politics here in Mexico and will be retiring to Cuba... Warm beaches and bountiful women beckon." For his part, Carranza simply released a note to the Periodico Revolucionario: "I hereby announce my retirement from Mexican politics."

A spokesman for Vice President-designate Zapata did not detail the responsibilities of the Vice Presidency, but said "Zapata expects to play a large role in the upcoming administration. Zapata delivered the win to Diaz and so has secured the prosperity of the Zapatistas."

President Diaz and Vice President-designate are expected to appear together, for the first time, at the opening of a new history building at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The new building is expected to document conquest and revolution in another part of the world.