Periodico Revolutionario - Early September 1910

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Periodico Revolutionario - Early September 1910

Provincial leader General Eulalio Gutierrez has called for new elections in Mexico. Speaking to reporters in his home territory of Guanajuato, Gutierrez said "Our Mexican democracy depends upon free elections to ensure that our leader serves at the will of the Mexican people. The time has come once more to ask the Mexican people to choose who will best lead them into the future."

Shortly after Gutierrez’s anouncement President Diaz confirmed he was running again. In a speech at the Palacio Nacional Diaz said, “I have served my term well and my record of restored peace speaks for itself. I welcome new engagement into national leadership and look forward to a strong campaign.”

Elections are set to be held in late October.

President Porfirio Diaz and General Emiliano Zapata continued their siege on the fort in the territory of Jalisco. The fort, under the control of General Francisco Madero is holding strong, and could potentially withstand the siege for months.

While President Diaz and General Zapata continued their siege in Jalisco, their forces were busy securing the territory of Nayarit. The invading forces massively overwhelmed the defenders, ensuring a swift victory for the president and his helping hand.

Telegraph posts in the Madero controlled territories of Sinaloa and Sonora confirmed small skirmishes between Federalis and infantrymen. In both territories, a lone Federali exchanged fire with a defending infantry unit, with the Federali quickly retreating.

* Pope Pius X has released the Sacrorum antistitum (Oath Against Modernism) and directed that all Roman Catholic bishops, priests and teachers take an oath against the Modernist movement, which recently called for a departure from following traditional teachings of the Church.

* The strike of 70,000 of New York's garment workers has ended after nine weeks and an estimated $100,000,000 worth of losses secondary to the strike. The major concession won was that each manufacturer was required to have a union shop, and a guarantee of a 50 hour work week — 9 hours a day for five days, followed by a 5-hour day.

* The French post-Impressionist painter Henri Rousseau has died. He was 66.

* Marie Curie announced to the French Academy of Sciences at the Sorbonne that she had found a process to isolate pure radium from its naturally occurring salt, radium chloride.

* Nicaragua's new President, General Juan Jose Estrada, announced the release of political prisoners and the promise to pay government troops. A few days later Estrada announced that promised elections would not take place for a year.

* Elias Fernandez Albano, who became President of Chile only three weeks ago, has died. Albano became president after the death of President Pedro Montt. Fernandez is likely to be succeeded by Emiliano Figueroa.

* The first elections for the new parliament of the Union of South Africa were held, with the Nationalist Party obtaining 67 of the 121 seats.

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Re: Periodico Revolutionario - Early September 1910

Update - Small Villa Army Killed While Invading San Luis Potosi
A small army under Pancho Villa's banner moved into the area and was destroyed by a much larger force consisting of Gutierrez and Carranza forces. Gutierrez retains control of the territory.

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