Late October 1910 (Turn 20)

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Late October 1910 (Turn 20)

Porfirio Diaz has won reelection as the President of Mexico. The vote, held in late October, gave an enhanced majority to the president. 50 votes were recorded for Diaz, with 33 going to General Eulalio. One vote, from the Madero-controlled territory of Baja California was not counted, nor were votes from the contested territory of Sonora.

Diaz was able to secure reelection with support from Generals Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. Gutierrez, on the other hand, was only able to secure support from territories controlled by Venustiano Carranza.

While the vote means a continued Diaz-administration, it is likely to mean the continued fraying of the “Southern Coalition” of Generals, which had successfully waged war in the north of Mexico. Indeed, fighting between Diaz and Gutierrez-lead coalitions was reported while the election results were read.

While General Francisco Madero is no longer seen as a powerful figure inside Mexico, he still was able to cast a vote in this month’s presidential election. And what did he do with that vote?

“PANCHO VILLA” is what Madero scribbled on a peace of paper, handing it over to the elections chief in Districto Federal. When he was informed that Villa was not on the ballot, Madero became screaming incoherently at the registrar.

Madero was later heard screaming “Yo soy el presidente el futuro de Mexico!!” repeatedly, at election officials, bystanders and anyone who would listen to him.

General Venustiano Carranza attacked the last remaining territory held by Francisco Madero late this month. The invading Renovadoras force was reportedly small, doing some damage to the defending Maderistas, before being pushed back.

President Diaz has reportedly invaded the territory of Coahuila. The president sent in a combined arms forces, but was met with resistance by milita troops loyal to Generals Carranza and Gutierrez. Diaz’s forces were pushed back, though the local commanding officer Capitan Edson Barrera has vowed to strike back.

After weeks of infighting and confusion, the territory of Sonora has finally been claimed. General Venustiano Carranza successfully laid claim to Sonor late this month, as President Diaz’s forces left. It may be said in the coming years that it was the dispute in Sonora that caused the Southern Coalition to finally fracture.

The Federalis, the state controlled military force loyal only to the president, have struck in Querétaro. The territory is reportedly no longer under the control of General Eulalio Gutierrez. With several cannon units in tow, the Diaz controlled Federalis were said to quickly overwhelmed the defenders.

Zaptatistas attacked Renovadoras forces in the territory of Quintana Roo. Carranza’s defenders held their own, pushing the attackers out of the territory.

* After 35 years, France has lifted a ban against the importation of American potatoes. France imposed the ban in 1875 because of a blight believed to be carried by the American product. As a result a generation of Frenchmen have now grown up without the "pomme de terre".

* Eleftherios Venizelos became the new Prime Minister of Greece, at the request of King George.

* The Philadelphia Athletics defeated the Chicago Cubs, 7–2, to win the 1910 World Series in Game 5. The Iowa-born Jack Coombs was the winning pitcher in three of the Athletics' four wins.

* By a margin of 329–188, France's Prime Minister Aristide Briand was given a vote of confidence by the Chamber of Deputies.

* King Alfonso XIII of Spain has reportedly declined a request by Ecuador and Peru to arbitrate their boundary dispute.

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Re: Late October 1910 (Turn 20)

An opinion-editorial from Emiliano Zapata
After the betrayal by Sen. Huerta before the last election I was not happy to betray my friends Sen. Carranza and Sen. Guiteriez. At the 11th hour Diaz because he restored the stolen tax money allowing for the security of my peoples and I feared being in a weak and tenuous coalition of three where I would be the odd one out.

I heard rumors of plans to attack my territories from within and so the el tiger del surs have struck first in the Yucatan, attacking ROO in an attempt to bring together all the peoples of southern Mexico.

Once Carranza and Guiteriez have been felt with I look forward to a peaceful Mexico devoid of war and hardship brought about by the recent unpleasentaries.

Sen. Zapata
El Tiger del Sur

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Re: Late October 1910 (Turn 20)

A map from La Sociedad Geográfica Nacional

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