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Periodico Revolutionario - Late July 1910

After weeks of nonstop shelling, Fort Guerro has fallen. The last territory under the control of General Huerta has been taken. The invading army was lead by President Diaz, with a lone military advisor unit from . It is unclear at this time what will happen to the captured Huerta.

General Madero has attacked a large contingent of enemy forces in Michoacan. The Maderista invading force, made up of mostly infantry, was defeated by Presidential and Zapatista militia units. President Diaz still controls Michoacan.

A large invading force lead by Generals Gutierrez and Carranza has attacked Pancho Villa in Coahuila. The invading force, thought to be massive, killed many of Villa’s units, but were unable to take the territory. Commanding forces in Coahuila have pledged to turn back any future attacks.

* Light fighting was reported in Chihuahua between Generals Gutierrez and Villa.

* General Carranza invaded the Pancho Villa-controlled territory Nuevo León with a light mix of infantry and other units. Villa reportedly defended the territory with a large force, and was able to push Carranza back into Tamaulipas.

* Carlos Eugenio Restrepo has been elected President of Colombia.

* In a 5-2 win over the Washington Senators, Cleveland Indians pitcher Cy Young has become the first pitcher in Major League Baseball to reach 500 wins.

* After Spain severed ties with the Vatican -- see the last issue of Peridico Revolucionario for details -- Carlist Pretender to the Spanish throne, Don Jaime, sent a message to his followers saying that "I think the day is not far distant when my followers must rally to our flag, and I will lead the battle."

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