Periodico Revolutionario - Early July 1910

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Periodico Revolutionario - Early July 1910

Widely thought to be on the verge of capitulation, General Huerta has survived a massive attack by General Zapata in Guerro. The Fort in Guerro is on the verge of destruction, but repelled a fresh attack and killed an infantry unit loyal to General Zapata. A Huertista infantry and canon were said to be destroyed by Zapata. “We don’t know how much longer we can hold on, but we intend to kill every son of a bitch possible,” said one Guerran mother.

Milita forces belong to General Pancho Villa have invaded and taken control of the territory of Chihuahua. Reports indicate that Gutierrez had left no forces in the territory. It is unknown at this time how many forces were used by Villa in the attack.

Villistas in the territory of Coahuila report coming under attack from invading armies under the banner of Generals Gutierrez and Carranza. While the invading forces were pushed back, the Villistas said they lost three milita units. It is thought that Carranza and Gutierrez each lost one army unit.

* Presidente Diaz and General Gutierrez have ordered their troops to hold in the territory of Querétaro. It is unclear if Diaz and Gutierrez intend to hold their fighting in the Northern War.

* An unknown umber of forces loyal to General Carranza were also spotted in the Gutierrez-controlled territory of Tamaulipas.

* A lone infantry unit loyal to General Gutierrez was massacred when it attempted to retreat into the General Villa-controlled territory of Nuevo León.

* General Madero defended a very light attack from General Gutierrez in the territory of Sonora.


* In one of the most eagerly anticipated boxing matches of all time, African-American challenger Jack Johnson defeated the man whom writer Jack London described as "the chosen representative of the white race, and this time the greatest of them", heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries in the fifteenth round of their bout in Reno, Nevada. One hour and 14 rounds after the fight began at 1:30 pm PST, Jeffries— who boasted that he had never been knocked down in a fight— fell three times to Johnson's punches, and was being counted out when his manager called the fight. A crowd of 18,020 attended, and telegraphed reports were followed across the nation. Johnson and Jeffries both made over $100,000 from the purse, bonuses, and the sale of film rights.

* Cities across America prohibited the exhibition of films of the Johnson-Jeffries bout, after at least ten people had been killed in racial violence that followed the fight. Bans were implemented in Washington, Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Louis and Cincinnati. At Ogden, Utah, three white men cursed Johnson at a railway station and attempted to board his private train car, before being turned back by one of Johnson's trainers. In Washington, police arrested 236 people, mostly African-American.

* King Alfonso XIII of Spain approved legislation to stop further religious orders from entering Spain. The Vatican formally protested the action four days later.

* After two days of fighting, Portuguese troops defeated a large band of pirates on the island of Colowan, near the Portuguese colony of Macao on the Chinese mainland.

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Re: Periodico Revolutionario - Early July 1910

The Antirreleccionista-controlled territory of Tamaulipas was taken over by Carranza. No fighting occurred.

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