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Periodico Revolutionario - Late June 1910

To his enemies, General Victoriano Huerta is known as “The Jackal” but to President Diaz’s Federalis, he might have a new name: The Defeated. This new name comes after Huerta’s forces lost a large battle against the Federalis in the state of Mexico. The Huertistas had tried for a frontal attack on one of President Diaz’s top territories, but were swiftly met by the Federalis. It is thought that 600 of the Huertistas were killed in battle, while only one Federalis unit was reported to have been killed. It is not known how many Huertistas forces retreated, but many observers wonder how much longer Huerta can continue the Northern War.

Maderistas have attacked the Gutierrez controlled territory of Guanajuato for the second time in a month. General Madero’s forces were overwhelming in number, but reinforcements from President Diaz aided the defending Antirreleccionistas. Both sides are thought to have suffered moderate losses. Fort Guanajuato also helped repel the invading force.

An army lead by Generals Emiliano Zapata and Venustiano Carranza have attacked and badly damaged General Huerta’s fort in the territory of Guerrero. Zapata’s army reportedly lost one militia unit in the attack. The “Carranzapa” forces remain in Guerrero, and have announced their intention to siege the fort until its destruction.”

The Periodico Revolutionario is committed to bringing you up-to-date information on troop movement and territory transfers. In the past two weeks:

* General Gutierrez took the territory of Chihuahua from General Pancho Villa. No fighting was reported.

* General Pancho Villa took Coahuila from General Gutierrez without a fight.

* President Diaz captured the territory of Colima from General Huerta without a fight.

* General Pancho Villa took the northern territory of Nuevo León from General Gutierrez. No fighting was reported there, either.

* General Emiliano Zapata announced to the world the birth of his son, Subcomandante Atticus Zapata. President Diaz and other Generals sent Zapata telegrams of congratulations.

* The United States Senate unanimously passed a bill granting statehood to the territories of Arizona and New Mexico.

* The first "ticker tape parade" was held, as former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was welcomed back to the United States after being overseas in Africa and Europe for more than a year.

* Airline travel was inaugurated, as twelve passengers and crew on the DELAG Zeppelin dirigible, Deutschland, departed from the Friedrichshafen airfield at 3:00 in the morning on a nine-hour flight to Düsseldorf. A few days later the Deutschland was wrecked by high winds while attempting an emergency landing at Osnabrück. Count Zeppelin's airship was on a flight from Düsseldorf to Dortmund when it encountered high winds. At 5:30 pm, the airship descended into the Teutoburg Forest. The 33 persons on board were uninjured.

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