Periodico Revolutionario - Late April 1910

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Periodico Revolutionario - Late April 1910

Former President Porfirio Diaz announced has announced his candidacy for president. Speaking to members of the press, General Diaz said “With all due respect to Huerta, what Mexico needs now is not words, but actions” and urged other Generals to throw their support to him. Despite his past, Diaz said his president would create peace: “We can and will bring peace again to this great land and punish those who have brought disorder upon us. Are we Mexicans or Mexican'ts?”

General Huerta immediately shot back in the press. “Why is it that when politicians speak the words with all due respect, they follow by contradicting themselves!?” Huerta then attacked Diaz, mocking his presidency and urging the election on. “Your corruption knew no bounds, your nepotism was infamous, and your barbarism was only matched by your complete and utter contempt for the rule of law. With all due respect, Diaz, when I am Presidente, I swear that I will see you brought to justice for your crimes against the Mexican people. Let the election come,” he said.

No other Generals have declared for the presidency.

Experts estimate banditry will continue to rise on the eve of Mexico’s first election in years, taking sixteen percent of the country’s economic output.

* Samuel Langhorne Clemens, beloved to millions of readers for his writings under the pen name Mark Twain, hasdied at the age of 74 at his home in Redding, Connecticut.

* The 1910 World's Fair was opened at Brussels by Belgium's King Albert.

* Parliamentary elections held this month in France have resulted in a slight increase for the ruling party majority. Aristide Briand remains as Prime Minister.

* Turkish troops have defeated Albanian rebels in the “Battle of Kačanik Pass.”

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Re: Periodico Revolutionario - Late April 1910


The Election is this turn. Please send your votes to the conquestgames email by midnight PDT tonight. Your vote will be applied to all the territory vote counts you have control of.

Tonight's turn is the last turn you can submit via email, most players have switched to the CMS. I have a few improvements still (including a text box for additional orders like who to let through your territory, etc) but overall it is working well. Plan on getting up to speed by Sunday!

If you have questions, hit up one of the GMs via IM or email.

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