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Periodico Revolutionario - Early February 1910

Forces loyal to General “Pancho” Villa and General Francisco Madero combined to attack Sonora. The battle has resulted in the decimation of General Alvaro Obregon’s forces. Only Fort Sonora remains, protecting the people of Sonora and other territories still belonging to Obregon.

The defending Obregon units were ready for a fight, and were able to kill several of the invaders. But the overwhelming force was too great. At least 600 men, all loyal to Obregon, were killed. The defenders were able to kill around 400 men, though it was unclear at press time how many were infantry regulars versus cavalry or cannons.

In a speech before his units, Madero denounced Obregon and his troops as “filthy dogs.” Meanwhile, Fort Sonora remains in tact, but it is unclear how long the people of Sonora can hold on.

Cartographers in Mexico City have announced a new view of the country. The new map includes updated views of geography, and also depicts capitals belonging to each General and faction. The map was created with a generous grant from General Emiliano Zapata.

A series of explosions have taken place at the Palau coal mine at Las Esperanzas, in the State of Coahuila. As many as seventy miners have been reported killed. Initial reports blamed the first explosion of someone lighting a cigarette inside the mine.

* France became the latest nation to join the naval arms race, as its cabinet approved a bill for the largest expansion of the French Navy. The $28,000,000 plan calls for construction of 28 battleships, 52 torpedo boats, 94 submarines, and 22 other boats over a ten year period.

* After French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot, and the crew of his ship Pourquoi Pas, returned from their Antarctic expedition more than a year after their departure, arriving at Punta Arenas, Chile. Charcot announced that they had failed to reach the South Pole, but was congratulated for having gone further south than any men had gone before.

* A force of 2,000 Chinese troops, under the command of General Chao Er-Feng and led by General Chung Ying, marched into Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. The 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso, fleed to India. A brave squadron of Tibetan soldiers, commanded by 24-year old Chensal Namgang and equipped with only 34 rifles, was able to hold off a pursuing force of 200 Chinese troops at the Tsang-po River, giving the Lama enough time to reach British officials.

* Excavations have completed in San Pedro Bay, California. The new port, one of the largest in the world, will be renamed to the Los Angeles Harbor.

* The 35 year old Winston Churchill has been named Home Secretary, following elections that saw Prime Minister Asquith’s coalition of Liberals and Irish Nationalists returned to power.

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