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Periodico Revolutionario - Late January 1910

Forces loyal to General “Pancho” Villa entered the Obregon controlled territory of Chihuahua expecting another battle, yet arrived to deserted posts and no troops. Villa’s commanding officer quickly sent out scouts and had the troops secure the area. Scouts confirmed that Obregon’s forces had left the territory.

Local leaders received messages on Villa’s behalf, who extended friendship and protection to the locals. Villa now controls Chihuahua and his troops have taken up defensive positions.

Several sources in Obregon’s army have indicated to El Periodico Revolutionario defensive positions were abandoned as troops redeployed. Obregon’s armies from neighboring territories entered Sonora and clashed with invading Maderista troops. The battle was bloodier than the last in Sonora due to the number of incoming units and lack of defensive positions. As Madero’s troops retreated after being unable to take the territory, several scouts reported a contingent of Obregon’s troops that did not participate in the battle, but returned to the Fort in Sonora.

Madero has given no statements about his intentions, though locals are bracing for another attack.

Researchers at the University of Queretaro have announced a new mathematical discovery. A new algorithm, discovered by the university’s Professor Zamarippa, purports to shed a new light on modern warfare. The algorithm is designed to predict the outcome of a battle, “so a general can decide when to reinforce and when to retreat,” according to the announcement.

Researchers from the university seemed jubilant during a press conference, where the discovery was announced. The algorithm “allows us to predict the probability that one army will defeat another. We hope that before the battle begins, the general knows the forces he has at his disposal and a general idea of the forces that he will face. With this information, he can use the algorithm to decide if it is prudent to attack now or to wait for a cannon reinforcement.” said Zamarippa.

Professor Zamarippa has promised to make the algorithm available to the public, though for a price. The university has offered consulting sessions to any interested parties, and consulting sessions are expected to cost between $10 and $100. One General who won’t be likely to pay is General Gutierrez, who funded the research and is responsible for arranging consulting sessions. While university officials would not say if Guiterrez would be using the algorithm, Zamarippa did say the General “hasn’t yet.”

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved a bill calling for statehood for the territories of Arizona and new Mexico. President Taft is expected to sign the ball, once it passes the Senate, thus ushering in the U.S.’s 47th and 48th states.

Mexico, having no president, was unable to formally respond to this action by the U.S. government. When asked about this potentially troubling development, former Mexican President (and current General) Porfirio Díaz said, “The US opportunistic moves will continue as long as Mexico is fractured and dysfunctional. The fighting amongst the northern Mexican territories is an all too common example of this infighting which leaves the Mexican people divided and weak.” Diaz also urged other Generals to work together. “I continue to support and echo the sentiments of Senors Huerta, Zapata, and Carranza: the solutions to our problems and the road to resolving our differences lies through diplomacy, cooperation, and openness,” said Diaz.

In a constant effort to bring you the news as quickly as possible, El Perioico Revolutionario has invested in a new, up and coming Telegraph and Telephone company that we will be transitioning all of our reporters to. As a result, we expect coming editions to be released more quickly as we use into twentieth century technology.


* The coalition lead by Prime Minister H.H. Asquith has retained power in the U.K.’s parliamentary elections. Asquith’s Liberal parties, along with Labor and Irish Nationalist parties, combined for at least 345 of the 670 seats in the House of Commons. Asquith himself was confronted by angry suffragettes throughout the campaign, and was eventually placed in police protection.

* The Seine Reiver overflowed after two days have heavy rains in France. Waters have risen over 24 feet since the rain began, causing blackouts across the city. Hundreds of thousands were forced to flee their homes. Damages are expected to measure in the millions of francs.

* Stephanos Dragoumis became the new Prime Minister of Greece, succeeding Kyriakoulis Mavromichalis. Dragoumis was approved by the Crown Council with a 14–4 vote over Stephanos Skouloudis.

* The army of Nicaragua was defeated by rebel troops in a battle at La Libertad. The defeat is expected to increase pressure on the beleagured President José Madriz.

* Thomas Crapper, the man who popularized the flush toilet has died. He was 73.

The number of cavalry in Sonora, reported by the previous El Perioico Revolutionario, was actually higher than the reporters initially estimated. Though the difference was small, our staff strives to be as accurate as possible. We apologize for the confusion.

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