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Periodico Revolutionario - Early January 1910

Forces under the banner of General Francisco Madero attacked the northern territory of Sonora. Madero’s troops, collectively known as Maderistas, attacked from the territory of Sinaloa. Madero’s troops struck under te cloak of night — on New Year’s Eve, 1919 — but troops loyal to Alvaro Obregon were prepared and repelled the attack. Sonora, being Obregon’s capital, was prepared when Obregon’s forces mounted their attack.

Obregon’s forces, despite being roughly half in size, were able to defend and repel the attack. Obregon was also aided by the presence of a fully armed Fortress. Estimates put the attacking army at roughly a thousand men, with some cavalry support, though it is thought that two hundred infantrymen were killed in the attack. It is thought that Obregon’s men suffered causalities similar to the attacking force.

This is the first battle since Porfirio Diaz was forced to step down from the presidency in early 1910. General Obregon has previously spoken out in favor of Venustiano Carranza, and against Francisco Madero. The date of the attack — New Year’s Eve — is an ominous sign for the country, signaling that 1911 may be a difficult year for the fractured Mexican people.

General Francisco “Pancho” Villa launched an attack against Alvaro Obregon. The attack came slightly after Francisco Madero’s attack on the northern territories. Obregon's patrols in the eastern deserts of Chihuahua met a large group of Villa's army and drove them away. Villa's attacking force had at least five hundred more infantrymen, as well as cavalry and cannon support. After the attack left over four hundred men dead or wounded, commanding officer of the region sent a messenger to General with the news. Nobody in Chihuahua, nor headquarters had any prior knowledge of the attack or any conflicts with General Villa.

"This came as a complete surprise, " one of the cavalry commanders said. "We can only hope there are messengers to the capital to see what this was all about. We were victorious in preventing their incursion into our territory, but men died for that victory. We can only guess what Villa and his invaders are thinking."

Several prominent Generals recently met in Mexico City to discuss how civil war can be avoided. The meeting, held to informally reflect on the one year since Porfirio Diaz relinquished his hold on the presidency, was held in the unoccupied Palacio Nacional in Mexico City. Generals Victoriano Huerta, Emiliano Zapata, Porfirio Diaz and Venustiano Carranza attended.

General Huerta spoke first, delivering a speech encouraging an era of open dialogue, also aimed at avoiding warfare. “We must not let the gnawing doubt that grows in our minds, when greeted with silence from our neighbors, lead us down the path to war,” he said. Huerta pledged to not “unjustly invade any territory” — though later said that “bellicose actions” of neighbors could make him reconsider this pledge. While it seemed a curious and almost immediate reversal of his previous sentence, the pledge was well received.

General Zapata spoke next, quickly echoing Huerta’s comments and making a similar pledge. Former president Porfirio Diaz spoke next, attempting to assure the Mexican people that he had learned from past mistakes as president. “Now is not the time to splinter into waring factions. I too pledge to maintain peaceful relations with my neighbors. I will not act out in violence against any and I will come to the aid of anyone who is unjustly attacked,” he said.

Perhaps ominously, none of the Generals involved with the northern attacks were present, or had representatives participate in the debate.

The Periodico Revolutionario recently sent a group of devoted reporters on a journey to map out the current capitals of each General, starting in Mexicali and working their way down. We just got word that they were finally at the border of Belize, standing on The Road to Belmopan, and have completed their work. The current list of capitals is as follows:

Obregon - Sonora
Villa - Zacatecas
Madero - Jalisco
Zapata - Oaxaca
Huerta - Guerro
Gutierrez - Guanajuato
Diaz - Hidalgo
Carranza - Pueblo

We thank these intrepid reporters on their long journey and look forward for further updates about the status of the Mexican territories.

* U.S. President William H. Taft opened the New Year by inviting the general public private citizens to visit him in the White House. He shook hands with 5,575 people. Representatives from Mexico were not present.

* A new kind of sport is growing in Canada. Men pass around a small ball on ice, in what is being called “hockey.” The Montreal Canadiens played their first game, defeating the Cobalt Silver Kings, 7–6. Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde scored the first Canadiens' goal. Representatives from Comite Olimpico Mexicano expressed doubt that this sport would become popular in Mexico.

* Parliament was dissolved in the United Kingdom, and new elections were held over a two week period beginning on January 15.

* İbrahim Hakkı Pasha became the new Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, replacing Hüseyin Hilmi Pasha.

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