Post Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:24 am

Rules Note: Multiple Attackers Taking Over a Territory

Situation: Two (or more) attackers defeat all enemies in a territory they are invading.

1) All attacking players may agree upon who gains control.

2) If one attacking player dissents with the decision, then nobody gains control, but the original owner still loses control of it... the income is simply lost until a clear controller is able to take over.

In either case, there is no push back of the attacking players. The attacking players remain where they are, and next round may specify movements and orders to attack each other to try and gain control of the territory. Reminder that all those units that started the turn in the territory gain defender status when they go toe to toe.

Where anticipated control change and multiple attacks occur, you can help expedite the Periodico release by specifying in your turn notes who the anticipated controller of the territory attacked will be assuming your side wins.