Please post in here with questions and thoughts about the manual so that we can ensure the best possible play experience once the game starts.

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We've discussed this with folks individually, but just wanted to announce that from this turn on orders will ONLY be accepted via the CMS.

Those of you who haven't used the CMS yet will need to update your orders through turn 9. Please work with a GMs to back-post accurate orders.

Also, a cron job has been set up to lock turns at 12:01 AM PDT on the days orders are due. Thanks!

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Re: CMS Use

99% of the time you should not be setting a target in the CMS.

-Units will be assumed to attack what they are best at, unless you specify.
-If you don't specify, they will still attack - don't worry about that.

I added it as a player request in case someone wants to try some special strategy where they're walking away from potentially 28% of their damage to do something unique... but you really usually can just leave it blank. I don't want you to set it to what they're best at for everyone just to set it - should keep both our lives easier.

Thank you :)

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Re: CMS Use

Found a bug that might have been setting your units' HP to 0 when you made some military alterations. I believe I've identified it, shoot me an email if you see any problems.

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Re: CMS Use

I am thinking of making a tool showing you the status of units that entered your territory the last turn in a big table. So if you owned Mexico State, it'd show Mexico State was it was with all the invading units + their ending HP. Probably marked that they were pushed back (obviously that would've been the case).



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Re: CMS Use

I like that idea, gets you a battle report all right up on your CMS page and makes it quick to reference and you can see it on old turns as the game progresses (not that I have many turns left in me :P)

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