Post Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:10 pm

GM Requests

Thanks everyone for powering through this older format. We're all still learning best practices, and I have two suggestions that you can do to make the GM lives easier and end turn reports out a little faster.

1) If you can include the turn and player name somewhere within the spreadsheet you email us. Even if it's just in A1 El Hawke Turn 3 or whatever might make it easier to quickly ensure we're looking at the right orders when we have several up.

2) If you can include any movements outside your territory or election calls in the body of the email you send us. We prioritize doing battles over general math / production check, it'll be easier for us to identify which ones we can zero in on quickly and setup if you do so. Full orders don't necessarily need to be there, just a heads up that we should expect movements into a particular territory within the orders.

And as always, make sure to send us in excel spreadsheet format - not image prints or XPS prints or PDFs from excel files or whatever.