I have no claim to COL

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I have no claim to COL

Compatriots -

Counter to the false reporting in Periódico Revolucionario, I make no claim to the territory of COL. The Federalis that were present there were in support of my steadfast allies Carranza and Gutierrez. They have waged a long battled against the perro Pancho and their blood has been spilt liberating the territory and the people of COL desire their leadership.
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Re: I have no claim to COL

Perhaps our Great Leader would care to speak to another article written in the Periodico, namely that of the tax rate? It is true indeed that this false President claimed his 80% tax rate was a temporary measure. I called it lies then, and I call it lies now. Diaz has no reason to lower his tax rate. The fools that follow him, Zapata, Carranza, and the lick-spittle Gutierrez, well learn in time what it means to empower a coward such as Diaz with the office of President. One by one he shall turn on his allies, one by one ceasing the kickbacks we all know he pays out to them, and when their income suddenly plummets, their armed forces shall crumble.

Keep in mind also that it is only a few more months until Diaz' unbroken rule is cemented, and it will no longer be possible to remove him from office.

Of course I expect the typical tripe from Diaz, some garbage about how the ongoing struggles have necessitated the continuance of this extraordinary tax rate, how very soon he will lower it, how if the people of Mexico just bear with him for a few months longer, a new age of glorious prosperity will be upon us. Lies, all lies. This is the filth that has spewed forth from power mongers and dictators throughout history. Ask the peasants of France what Louis XVI told them, and you will hear much the same shit that Diaz is feeding you now. Ask the citizens of ancient Rome how long Caesar's "temporary" measures lasted, or Sulla, or Augustus, and you will learn the truth. Mexico is willingly walking down the path to serfdom, with its weak-willed generals scrabbling for the scraps from Diaz' table instead of rising up to overthrow the monster!

I will continue to speak out at what I see, to speak the truth to those unwilling to listen, and will laugh as they ignore me at their own peril. I may be bent, but never broken. My armies may have disbanded, but don't think my supporters have suddenly disappeared. The populations you think quelled will rise up against you at first opportunity. I will never go away, and will never stop fighting for the future of a free Mexico.
Viva! Viva Mexico!

Writing from exile,
V. Huerta

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