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The Bastard

PostPosted: Wed May 04, 2011 9:15 am
by GreaterAjax
For his part, Diaz assured reporters from the Peridoco Revolutionario his intended to rule “fairly.” Said Diaz, “I am honored that the Mexican people have once again selected me to unite and lead. I will do my best to make sure that Mexico is governed fairly and justice prevails. I also give my respects to Huerta and Madero for running a strong campaign. We should all move forward in the interests of the nation.”

This quote is from the recent Periodico. The Bastard Diaz talks out of one side of his mouth while he shits out the other. This craven piece of dogshit thinks the people of Mexico are blind to his abuses, and if he utters sweet phrases in our ear about "justice" and ruling "fairly", we won't smell the shit on his breath. How does one claim to rule fairly when he invades defenseless states like Morelos and Queretaro and claims their income as his own personal bank?

How does "justice" prevail when he assaults the home capital of his erstwhile ally, the admittedly slow-witted dullard Gutierrez? Taking advantage of Gutierrez' lack of wits is not something I would expect of a just President, who is supposed to protect the weak and the dumb instead of thanking them for the votes while raping them in the ass!

While I hesitate to say Gutierrez doesn't deserve such treatment (he was, after all, the fool that placed this monster back on his throne), I will say that this behavior is exactly what I warned everyone against when Diaz declared himself a candidate.

As for Zapata and Carranza, I hope you can appreciate the way Diaz treats his allies. You may be sucking on the teat of his tax income now, but do not forget that in an instant he can cut you off from the source, ruining your production, destroying your military power through attrition, while sending his Federalis screaming across your borders. Ask Gutierrez what his support earned him.

I will say here and now that I will gladly support any candidate over Diaz, should another election be called, and I pray it is called soon. Mexico will not last long, and when we "rebels" have been dealt with, and Diaz has amassed our territory into his own personal treasury, he will surely turn upon Zapata and Carranza, and all will fall under his evil shadow.

Death to Diaz! Viva Mexico!