Taxes - 80%

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Taxes - 80%

All -

Now that the election has come and gone, we need to move on to rebuilding our great country and move beyond the infighting that has left us divided and weak. As per my powers as El Presidente, I am implementing a tax rate of 80% for at least the next 5 turns. These funds will be directed towards rehabilitation of infrastructure and the support of the Federalis so that peace may be maintained.


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Re: Taxes - 80%

This is an outrage. Yet again your pathetic bootlickers rig an election to put you to office so you can bleed the people of this country dry and line your own pockets. My people will not stand for this. You will lower the tax rate or suffer grave consequences, you sniveling worm.
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Re: Taxes - 80%

I refuse to recognize an illegitimate president who seeks to set himself up as king, and as such I refuse to pay such an outrageous tax. An 80% tax rate is clearly meant only to pad your own coffers, and those of your supporters, whom you have no doubt bought with promises of riches doled out from plundered lands.

You must truly be mad if you think I would willingly hand over even a dime of my territories' income to a dog such as you. Send your tax man to try and claim your share, but you'd best send an army at his back, or all you'll be receiving is his head.

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