Elections have Conseqences

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General: Emiliano Zapata

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Elections have Conseqences

It is with a heavy heart that I see my former friend Gen. Huerta now begging for scraps from the rightful president Diaz. Throughout these past few months Huerta has tried to create chaos among the south, pushing us to the brink of war with one another even while we tried diligently to respect our southern neighbors. All the while pursuing an alliance with the dogs of the north, betraying his southern neighbors and ensuring hardship for his citizens.

At the 11th hour before the election I received an anonymous telegraph with the following quote pushing me to war with my peaceful neighbors:

"Yeah, what I'm trying to do from my end is convince him that it actually would be smart for him to attack with you guys, instead of leaving you to attack by yourselves. Then, what we'll really do is not send troops in, and Zapata will end up attacking Carranza all by himself!!!"

I am proud to have elected Diaz president as he is a fair and honorable man unlike the liar Huerta and his northern brethren.
Emiliano Zapata
El Tigre del Sur
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Re: Elections have Conseqences

Venustiano Carranza
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