A Gnawing Doubt

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General: Victoriano Huerta

Post Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:41 pm

A Gnawing Doubt

Friends and Countrymen,
In these tumultuous times, one such as myself notices the lack of communication among the Mexican leaders. We owe it to our citizens to speak civilly and work out any perceived differences diplomatically, lest we plunge this great nation into war.

I admit to being but a humble military man, and I tend to see the world in military terms. Therefore, I can't help but fear that this lack of discussion bespeaks of secret alliances, military build-ups, and mutual fear and suspicion among neighbors.
We must not let this happen. We must not let the gnawing doubt that grows in our minds, when greeted with silence from our neighbors, lead us down the path to war.

To that end, I, Victoriano Huerta, pledge not to unjustly invade any territory, unless my citizens themselves feel unduly threatened by the bellicose actions of my neighbors. I make this public statement in the hopes of diffusing some of the tensions, in my region at least, that I feel are bubbling to the surface. I invite and encourage other leaders to make a similar pledge, so that we might come together without this cloud of fear and doubt that hovers over our nation. We must devise a peaceful solution to move our country forward.

Our nation needs a President gentlemen, and soon, to unify and lead us. Otherwise, I fear soon there will be nothing left to lead.

- V. Huerta
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General: Emiliano Zapata

Post Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:52 pm

Re: A Gnawing Doubt

I agree with Senor Huerta. Mexico at war with itself does not benefit the great people of Mexico.

I also make a pledge to not unjustly invade another territory.

- El Tigre del Sur
Emiliano Zapata
El Tigre del Sur
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General: Porfirio Diaz

Post Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:13 pm

Re: A Gnawing Doubt

Peace suits the Mexican people well. With the growing dominance of blood-thirsty Americans to our north, now is not the time to splinter into waring factions. I too pledge to maintain peaceful relations with my neighbors. I will not act out in violence against any and I will come to the aid of anyone who is unjustly attacked.

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General: Venustiano Carranza

Post Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:49 pm

Re: A Gnawing Doubt

I add my voice to the chorus for peace and openness, and will also pledge peaceful relations with my esteemed neighbors.
Venustiano Carranza
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