Starting Conditions

There is no block of “starting turns” in Conquest: Revolution for players to engage in. Players all start on the same turn, in a live game environment.

All players begin the game with $100.

All players are awarded a militia of 10 Infantry, 3 Cavalry and 2 Cannon. Additionally, all players receive one free fort, to be designated in one territory at the start of the game. The territory where your fort is placed is designated as the capital, and will be the starting location for Federalis, if you are declared president.

There is no president at the beginning of the game. After five turns, a state of Anarchy will come into effect. If no president is elected, players will lose 10% of their Turn 6 income to banditry, with that percentage rising each turn until a president is inaugurated.

The first turn will is due on Tuesday March 29th. Turns are due every Wednesday and Sunday at midnight PST.

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