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How is Revolution different than Conquest?

While similar in nature, Revolution is focused around the political process associated with building coalitions to get you elected, and maintaing those coalitions during times of war and political turmoil. Revolution is meant for aggressive players who like to win, and the rules are structured accordingly. There is no second place. There is no Vice President. There is no team victory. While coalition building is vital to survival, please reconsider applying if you do not intend to play aggressively, and do not intend to win the game.

Why the PBEM?

Conquest: Revolution is a return to the basics. Rather than spend months building out an extensive and automated website, we’ve opted to run a small and intense game in the PBEM format. As you’ll see, Revolution plays with stripped down versions of many of the same features as previous versions of Conquest — namely Conquest 3, 4 and Theaters of War. The lightness is designed to get the game off the ground, and allow for new versions of Conquest to flourish.

Can you tell me more about Revolution’s features?

Conquest players will find the most difference in the areas of economy, military, research, spying, and NPCs. There is only one resource in Revolution: money, also known as pesos. There are no resources to mine or collect, and players can only increase their revenue by: (1) raising taxes on one another — which only the president is able to do, (2) taking over new territories, or (3) receiving money from other players. Players are free to trade money as they wish.

Unlike Conquest, there are only four military units and one building in the game, making for less of a combined arms strategy heavy atmosphere and more of a Risk-like combat system. There is no research in Revolution. There is no spying system. Because the game takes place across one country there are no non-player countries.

What about new or expanded features?

Revolution features a number of new or expanded features from those found in previous versions of Conquest. Army upkeep and a stricter movement system have been implemented.

When are turns due?

Turns are due every Wednesday and Sunday, unless otherwise specified by the Game Masters.

How does News from the Game Masters work?

News will come out one to two days after each turn, reporting big events such as battles and the election of new presidents. Game news will not be as in depth as previous news services such as the World Affairs or European Press. The news service in Conquest: Revolution is called the PeriĆ³dico Revolucionario.

The game map will is updated each turn, alongside the PeriĆ³dico Revolucionario.

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