Why deal with politics when you can win your way to victory? Indeed, the backbone of any successful presidency will be the support of a strong military or militia. This section covers Revolution’s units, upkeep, movement and details.

a. Units

There are four units in Revolution: Infantry, Cavalry, Canons and Federalis. The following table describes the construction costs, upkeep and strength of each unit.

inf Inf $10 – $1 4 1d4 10 +1 against Cav
cav Cav $12 – $1 6 1d4 12 +1 against Can
can Can $14 – $2 5 1d4 14 +2 against Inf
fed Fed n/a – $2 0 1d6 12 +1 against all units & First Strike capabilities

b. The Fort

There is one building in Revolution: the fort. Forts are high hit point buildings that require zero upkeep. Only one fort is can be built per territory, and forts cannot be repaired.

Units cannot garrison in a fort, and avoid attack or be safe in anyway. Units and a fort fight alongside each other when present in a territory. Forts also serve as territory “anchors” — that is, forts must be removed from a territory before that territory can switch hands.

fort Fort $50 10 3d4 80

c. Movement and Territory

There are several other important details and specifics when it comes to units, movement and controlling territory:

  • All units can move one territory per turn. There are no unit orders beyond MOVE and ATTACK.
  • Functionally, there is no difference between MOVE and ATTACK, though attack indicates an affirmative action.
  • Units who MOVE into the same square with enemy units will ATTACK as normal. There is no DEFEND.
  • Units cannot travel by air or sea.
  • There are no naval or air units in Revolution.

d. Details

  • There are no reservist units.
  • Players cannot sell or transfer units to one another
  • Players cannot transfer territory except by military means
  • The PeriĆ³dico Revolucionario will report all unit disbandments, and report the name of the player whose units disbanded.
  • As stated in flow charts in the Forums, Federalis have first strike

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