As previously mentioned, economics in Revolution is quite different than previous versions of Conquest. This section provides a complete overview of the economy in Revolution for both Conquest and non-Conquest players. Unlike all other versions of Conquest, there is only one resource: pesos. While there is only one resource, the economy plays a vital role. An efficiently handled economy can easily translate into the largest and powerful army in Mexico. Ignore your economy at your own peril.

a. Income

Each territory in Revolution produces $25 in income each turn. At the start of the game, every players controls four territories, and thus earns $100 per turn. There is no way to increase or decrease the amount of income each province produces. Previous Conquest players will note that there is no starting distribution of resources. There is no common market in Revolution.

There are three key uses for money:

  1. Paying taxes levied by the president, or bandits
  2. Building and maintaining a militia army
  3. Paying off or bribing other players

b. Upkeep and Debt

Each unit in Conquest: Revolution requires a certain amount of money per turn in upkeep. These costs are listed alongside unit descriptions in the Military Chapter.

No player is allowed to submit a turn in debt. This requires extensive planning, but also requires the maintenance of good relations. A hike in tax rates may require the cancelation of production, or the dismissal of units to relieve upkeep costs.

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