Conquest: Revolution

Conquest: Revolution is a turn based play by email game (PBEM) set in revolutionary era Mexico. From 1910-1920, Mexico experienced an intense period of political turmoil and violence, as various leaders attempted to gain control of the country. In Conquest: Revolution, eight players will compete for votes and kickbacks, in hope of eventually becoming the permanent president, and winning the game. Players will take on one of eight historical figures with four territories, income from taxation, a small militia of revolutionary fighters, and control over territory votes.

To win in Conquest: Revolution, a single player must hold the presidency for 24 turns, or twelve game months, or three months in the real world. The Mexican people desire a president during times of turmoil and violence. While they will support their local land owner with votes and taxes, if any one leader can become president for twelve game months the Mexican people will rally behind him. Players can take on the mantle of Porfirio Díaz, Francisco Madero, Victoriano Huerta, Venustiano Carranza, Francisco “Pancho” Villa, Antonio González, Emiliano Zapata or Alvaro Obregón. With political and military cunning you could rise to be the President of Mexico.

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