GC2: Upgrades First Pitch

Here’s my suggested upgrade changes:

Military – Mostly the same, source of unit supply and provides orbital platforms. As outlined previously those will be destroyable and rebuildable. Military provides both the free orbital and the maximum if they need to be rebuild.

Medicine – Mostly the same in concept. Colonies will no longer get a free 10% chance of generating citizens, but for each turn you do not generate a citizen you will earn a +5% chance of doing so. For testing, I’ll start with a base of 8% per Medicine and 5% per turn without growth in that colony.

Engineering – Yes will still grant shields. Probably will not be a ship building limiting factor. Probably will be the way you determine what advanced classes of ships you can build in that colony.

Which brings us to the two I think that need the most rework… Education and Economy. I have some various ideas on how to handle these but I’ll start with a single pitch and we can go from there:

Education – New System – Specialist Citizens. Education grants an 5% chance per turn of changing one of your citizens into a Specialist. Specialists are good at one specific thing such as a Biologist who is good at extracting Bio. The Biologist citizen can be used as any other citizen activity you want, but when extracting Bio you get 2 Bio for the price of one.

Economy – No longer associated with money generation. Resources will now have an increased cost to extract the same-resource on the same-turn in the same-colony. For example, if it is 20 to extract a Bio on Rhodes, the second extraction may cost 24 and the second 29 and the third 35, etc. Economy will allow you to extract 1 additional resource at the starting cost… so 1 economy allows you to extract your first at 20, your second at 20, and your third at 24… etc.

What should dictate how many ships you can build on a planet? Instead of Engineering dictating how many ships, I was thinking you should use a citizen to build a ship. This creates an additional choice and fits the general theme of using citizens to do various actions and means if you want your front lines to supply endless ships, you needs citizens to support that.

What should limit the number of citizens who can work on a planet? Previously was Education, it could stay there but with the specialist mechanic I am wondering if that is doubling up on that one too much. Economy might make more sense in the long run. Or even Engineering as having the infrastructure for the massive population to be productive and working.

Don’t focus too much on the fiddly numbers in your comments. 5%, 8% whatever we can really square away with some help from our resident statistian and playtests once we narrow down what everything actually does. I’m more interested in general trying to make all five interesting, unique, and force some really difficult decisions on players.


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3 Responses to GC2: Upgrades First Pitch

  1. Eric Stevens says:

    I’d probably keep ship building per system tied into engineering in some fashion rather than having citizens involved in it, or if you really wanted to have them both involved maybe. Each level of ENG allows 1 Cit to build a ship, etc.

    So I really like the specialist option, but I worry there’s going to be too much of a push on citizen strength to really determine the outcome of the game. Early citizen growth and getting lucky with a specialist could be a huge game changer, especially if citizens somehow tied into ship building itself.

    I quite like the econ changes as well! Taking out that bit of randomness for a concrete bonus to advancing should help balance things out.

  2. Hawke says:

    Maybe the best way to consider it is what is the CORE of the upgrade… then something like # of ships built or # of citizens inactive can be moved around as a balancing factor since that seems like it will be a secondary benefit no matter what.

    I think having some kind of citizen limiting factor prevents the runaway “Medicine is best” thing. Either Medicine stops generating under conditions or a secondary upgrade makes it such that eventually you run out of spots for useful citizens. Heck, even a penalty for too many inactive citizens of sorts?

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