GC2: Scouts

I think there were three problems with scouts in the first game: a separate supply from ships, too cheap of a cost, and visibility into the system even if the scout was destroyed. As a result players built a lot of scouts and had fairly consistent intel across the map most of the game. Cardona had 8 scouts, Eldrazi 7, and Quetzelquidian 6 across the map on the final turn and combined with their ships and colonies a large percentage of the map was exposed for little cost.

There are a few minor adjustments that can help with this:

-More expensive scouts – push the decision to make a scout or not a little bit more. They’ll still remain cheaper than ships, but not quite as cheap as $5 – maybe $10?
-Share supply with ships – Ship supply will be increased compared to the previous games but you’ll have to share the supply with your other ships.
-Destroyed ships no longer grant info  – if your ship gets destroyed, you don’t “see” into that colony.

Or, I could depart from the cheap scouts overall and implement a more complex system for spying with Stealth Ships as a possible ship class:

-Cost the same as regular ships and shares supply
-Available as a class purchase at level 1 engineering
-Cannot attack
-Each turn, the ship rolls a 1d6
1: Ship is seen and immediately destroyed (based on diplomacy)
2: Ship and owner are detected, but ship is not destroyed
3: Ship is detected, but with an unknown owner
4-6: Ship is not seen

You definitely have a good chance to spy on your enemies and allies with this but do have a chance of getting detected or destroyed. Obviously the odds could be tweaked as needed to grant a sweet spot between the two. Because the ship can’t attack having a whole fleet of these would put you at risk, but it could potentially setup a supportive role for empires in a war they otherwise may not be involved in.

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2 Responses to GC2: Scouts

  1. Brad says:

    I like the change that destroyed ships should not provide visibility. This prevents the suicide scout concept, but retains their use to define buffer zones.

    I think the stealth ship option is interesting, but not if it replaces scouts altogether. There is a political statement to moving a scout into or out of a particular system, and I think that should be retained.

    • Hawke says:

      What if stealth mode was an option? eg if you want to put your cards on the table about where some stealth ships are, you could turn it off for the round for verification purposes?

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