Galactic Conquest 2 – Rule Changes

After a successful game of Galactic Conquest v1, I have begun work on GC2. We’ve collected survey data and general feedback from players. I will explain here some of the rules changes that I am exploring and hopefully get some feedback as I implement the changes. Overall I’d say these are some areas of focus:

1) Rebuilt interface – no major changes as far as how the interface should look or function, but on the back end I have already rebuilt a lot to reduce web service calls for a faster experience especially on mobile.

2) Balance changes – Obviously the Education upgrade didn’t have as much utility. Econ had too much benefit to ignore. I hope to balance the upgrades to ensure they are all tempting options.

3) Diplomacy – I plan on having a clearer diplomacy system that includes possible economic benefits in addition to war. We should have a clearer picture of who is working with whom and some rules to give players pause when betraying an ally.

4) Some other tweaks that I still need to think through… Factions? Shared Victories?

I’m hoping to do a 18-24 player game starting in the next two months. I appreciate the feedback I’ve already been given and would appreciate more feedback and discussion as I post specific rule changes here for discussion.

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