GC2: Logistics

When coming back to GC design after a bit of a break and reviewing the notes, one thing immediately struck me as a big problem: Education. I don’t really┬álike the┬áSpecialist Citizens solution that doesn’t add much of a fun choice and definitely clogs up the UI. Back to the drawing board I decided to consider replacing the upgrade choices and came up with Logistics instead of Education.

Each point of logistics would add to empire wide Actions available for use. These would not be cumulative round-to-round. The primary use of logistics actions would be Ship Movement and Population Movement. If you want to move around many of your ships, you’ll use up your actions. There likely would be some base action number for early empires to use (3?) so population movement and explorations can be done without too much investment.

I like the design space this opens up.It slows down the war machine giving an early game edge to defenders which I like. It rewards planning of actions multiple turns to ensure fleets are where you want them. And depending on how much we feel it’d be used or abused some non-movement actions could be available like:

  • Explore or Parley with NPC planet, would require an action to resolve the objective
  • Used to get one 2-1 resource trade from the ‘bank’
  • Trade Agreements could do a multi turn trade of actions with another player for $ bonus

Now, the concern would be putting too much into Logistics such that it becomes another auto-purchase Economy. Because they aren’t cumulative I think there’s less a risk of running away and some of those trade options could potentially have other requirements. I think I’ll drop the name Economy rather than Education and swap their abilities. I think this brings us to a nice spot where Military affects fleet supply, Medicine affects pop growth, Logistics affects actions, Engineering affects ship classes/defense, and Education affects resource extraction rates. I think all sound like viable paths and none quite jump out to me as an auto-pick strategy.

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