GC2: Interface Updates

A few people asked about how we’d show the specialists in the CMS. Actually, CMS was what we named the other Conquest games “Country Management System” but I guess that doesn’t apply as much here. I don’t know what to call it. Anyway, here’s what I was hoping to do for the ships on mouse over:



So this would appear on a mouseover on PC or if you clicked a ship you didn’t own on mobile. If you clicked a ship you did own the normal dialog that would let you move them etc. would display the same information at the top.

For theĀ Specialist citizens as described elsewhere, I wanted to do something similar. I am considering doing their specialist-border-color to match the color of the resource they are good at extracting. In addition, I was considering changing the previously extracted resource to a dimmed icon of the resource that was extracted as such:


So you see, the first citizen is a Hydrologist (on mouse over) and also the blue color at the bottom. Since it is yours it does not have a country identifier. This is an extreme example because almost all of the citizens are specialists here, with the last two citizens having already extracted Ore despite being specialists in gas and bio.

If you weren’t the owner, the mouseover or click would display the owner’s full information and the button itself would display the owner’s two letter code.

What do you think about how I am considering displaying this information?

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2 Responses to GC2: Interface Updates

  1. Brad says:

    This looks great, Matt. The UI continues to be one of my favorite parts about GC.

    Since you’re looking at different ship types (battleship, destroyer), how will you represent those? Will their mousover change?

    • Hawke says:

      Good point, not sure why the mouseover didn’t include that in my screenshot already. It would have ship class or type as an obvious, well formatted text on a mouse over (or if you clicked it). I looked at various icons to maybe foot the bill of the different classes, but I’m wasn’t quite as good at that sort of graphic design to find anything I liked a lot. I could do some sort of letter class system so your ship would be:

      USS Saratoga (I)

      For Interdiction Class as one option to keep it a little more obvious… maybe even as a second icon at the end that’s a blue color but just the letter so it is obvious?

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