GC2: Diplomacy Changes

It was obvious the diplomacy options needed some work and a player supported Galactic Council resolution passed to give players some additional options in the first game. Even with the update, it did not accurately reflect how empires were working together and in practice was used to manage movement but not indicate greater alliances. It was a one-way stance that led to some awkward interplay on the diplomacy screen where someone could be at war with a player who views them as an ally and it was easy to switch from ally to war in a single turn.

Starting over, the options in GC2 will be along a track:

War – Guarded – Neutral – Friendly – Allied 

Moving 1 step along the track in a single turn will be free and both players must agree to move up (e.g. from Neutral to Friendly). Moving 1 step down the track will be free, but will only require one player’s decision to do so (e.g. moving from Neutral to Guarded).

Moving 2 steps along the scale in either direction will be possible but will have a moderate cost in money to do so. You may never move more than 2 steps in a single turn, so the worst case you can expect from someone you are Allied with is 2 turns to go from ally to war (with a cost).

Benefits of moving along the diplomacy track
In GC2 your per turn money generation will no longer be based on Economy (see future post about upgrade changes and money changes) but upon citizens generating money in a colony combined with citizens generating money in adjacent colonies. The amount generated by the adjacent colonies will be a function of your diplomacy stance – allied generating the most money, neutral a middle amount, and war none.

In addition to affecting money generation of nearby colonies, diplomacy will continue to be a factor in determining rules of engagement for your forces, albeit with a more limited scope than GC1. My initial proposal is as follows:

  • War = Shoot on site anywhere on the map
  • Guarded = Shoot on site in your owned territories
  • All others = No attacks at any time

It will be up to players to then determine their individual contracts and consequences with other players and act accordingly using the diplomacy system and their fleets.

How do you feel about these new diplomacy rules?

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4 Responses to GC2: Diplomacy Changes

  1. Andrew says:

    This is a great change. Seems like it will address several issues at the same time. I’m eager to see how differently things will shake out.

  2. Brian says:

    In GC you would defend units from an Allied empire that were being attacked by someone you were Neutral with, will that still be the case? I feel like it should be, but it could also lead to the event where: EmpA and EmpB are Allied, EmpC is Neutral to both, EmpC pay to shift 2 spaces with both and is then at War with EmpA and Allied with EmpB, EmpB then pays to shift to Neutral with EmpA. EmpB turned on EmpA in a single turn.

    I like the track idea though.

  3. Eric says:

    I like it. As Andrew said, addresses a few different issues and gives a bit more of a reason to work with those around you.

    Brian has a good point, but apparently he likes to break systems.

  4. Dan says:

    Yea, I like this too.. let me keep reading and maybe I’ll come back to this with other suggestions. Agree that this may slow some of the backstabbing and other activities which frustrate people.

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