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Conquest is a strategy game set during World War II. In Conquest, you’re put in charge of a country’s economy, military and diplomacy. Like in games such as Risk or Axis and Allies, your management of these areas can mean victory or defeat if the world goes to war. In Conquest, you become the leader of one of 30 different countries across the globe. You must ensure survival of your country while attempting to lead your people to greatness.

How do you play?

Conquest originally began as a play by e-mail game but has since moved to web based country management system. This web interface, known colloquially as the CMS, allows players to focus on diplomacy and strategy while leaving the number crunching to computers.

Conquest is turn based with two turns due every week depending on the game. Before each turn due date you’ll be required to login to the CMS and finalize all production, military movements and other game activities. After each turn due date, your CMS is locked and your information is automatically updated to the next turn. Shortly thereafter the Game Masters will update all your information and explain any public happenings that turn. In addition, any country specific information will be available to the player in the CMS.

Game Basics

What is a Game Master?

All gameplay is facilitated by at least one Game Master or GM. The GM’s job is to make sure players understand the rules, make rulings on game outcomes, handle all the math and outcomes for battles, and write the World Times (see below). The GM is impartial to game alliances and acts as the referee. From a player’s perspective, the GM’s work is pretty boring. Interacting with other countries in diplomacy and war is where the party’s at.

What’s all this about a World Times?

The principle way for public events to unfold in Conquest is via the World Times, a semi-periodically newspaper written by the Game Masters. The GMs carefully examine all game actions, which may be public (usually battles, treaties, diplomacy, etc.) and write articles based on any information all players should know. Clearly marked player submitted editorials are also often included. All wars and big economy events get reported. Big events will feature more in-depth coverage. The World Times has also been known to conduct interviews with roleplayers and provide World War 2 era radio and video broadcasts.

Things to Know

When are orders due?

Orders are due two or three times per week, at a specified time, depending upon the version of Conquest you’re playing.

How much game time is equal to one turn?

One turn is roughly equal to two weeks of game time. This conversion isn’t meant to be accurate in terms of troop movements, production and action, but should give players a basic sense of the world.

How long do games of Conquest usually last?

One of the beauties of Conquest is its open ended nature. Outside of the basic rules, players control everything. So the game length depends entirely on how the players act. Will war break out quickly, or a lengthy Cold War precede a worldwide conflict? Past versions have featured both long and short conflicts. The game usually ends when one group of players has established total dominance over another group. When will that happen? Only time will tell.

What do I need to play?

All you need is a regular Internet connection, some free time and an intense desire to rule the world. After that, its all strategy and semantics, oh and some fun roleplaying too.

Does Conquest cost money to play?

Nope! Conquest is free for all players. However, rounds of beer and other alcoholic donations to Game Masters are always appreciated.

How many people play Conquest?

Conquest can feature anywhere from eight to forty players, depending upon the version.

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