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GC2: Interface Updates

A few people asked about how we’d show the specialists in the CMS. Actually, CMS was what we named the other Conquest games “Country Management System” but I guess that doesn’t apply as much here. I don’t know what to … Continue reading

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GC2: Upgrades First Pitch

Here’s my suggested upgrade changes: Military¬†– Mostly the same, source of unit supply and provides orbital platforms. As outlined previously those will be destroyable and rebuildable. Military provides both the free orbital and the maximum if they need to be … Continue reading

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GC2 Combat Ideas

Taking a quick break from some good diplomacy discussion, I wanted to discuss some combat changes. First, there’s four¬†changes that I’m committed to in the next version, and then I’ll go into the two changes that may cause controversy: Map … Continue reading

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GC2: Diplomacy Continued

About half of the players responded with comments about the latest system and they were all positive. This next post should generate some more discussion and controversy among players as I look at some possible tweaks to the game. The … Continue reading

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GC2: Diplomacy Changes

It was obvious the diplomacy options needed some work and a player supported Galactic Council resolution passed to give players some additional options in the first game. Even with the update, it did not accurately reflect how empires were working … Continue reading

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Galactic Conquest 2 – Rule Changes

After a successful game of Galactic Conquest v1, I have begun work on GC2. We’ve collected survey data and general feedback from players. I will explain here some of the rules changes that I am exploring and hopefully get some … Continue reading

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