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Games for Learning Economics Website

I stumbled upon this site via Greg Mankiw’s Blog and thought it would be useful share.  Filled with economic games for the classroom designed to teach economic principles, I’m sure there is much we could mine.  Top 5 most popular games … Continue reading

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Pointed Questions

As promised, I’ve come up with a few pointed questions to try and focus up the opening thinking. In your opinion: What’s missing from Modern Conquest? How should the Modern Conquest handle unit HP, attack roll, bonus against other units … Continue reading

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Opening thinking

I’ve started to think about games we could run first at ConquestGames.Net. We’ve always had grand visions of building out web applications that help you run your country. In fact, previous versions of Conquest featured such a Country Management System … Continue reading

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The plan… if there is one

So the plan so far with Conquest Games is to get a few key site resources up and running before we delve into a game. In fact, I’m not even sure what game we’ll be running. Theaters of War? Revolution? … Continue reading

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We’re back!

We’re back online here at The War Room, the official blog of Most of the players don’t know we’ve started back up, but we’ll take the next few weeks to get moving on the basics, with a new Conquest … Continue reading

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